Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different from the rest of available options?

Our main focus is YOU and your health. This programs is designed to get you to your desired goal while taking into consideration all your limitations (injury, time limits, commitments). After achieving your goals, you will have acquired the tools, knowledge and skillset to now maintain your new physique.

Are you a personal trainer?

While I am an internationally certified personal trainer I do not practice personal training in this program.

Do you do drop ins?

Yes, once it’s feasible a date is set and we meet and address the issue.

Can anyone do this program?

No, this program is designed for persons with prior gym exposure and who understand at least the fundamentals of physical training.

Is this program design limited to the gym?

No, we design programs from any environment (home, office, outdoor).

Is this program designed for both male and female?

Yes, this program design has no limitations.

Does this program take into account Nutrition?

Yes, this is a staple of the program design and it is tailored to get you to your goal while managing your cravings.

Where are you located?

I have no set location as I am not a personal trainer. We build customized nutrition and fitness/body building programs for our clients.

Do you only facilitate local clients?

No, we currently facilitate clients worldwide. (Dubai, Cayman Island, Florida, Jamaica etc).

What exactly am I paying for with this program?

You are paying for expert support and guidance in nutrition and physical training tailored to suit your personal needs via a customized program.

Are results guaranteed?

Yes, results are guaranteed once you commit to your program and follow it in detail.

Will this program work for you?

This program can work for anyone who is committed to achieving their fitness goals. Contact us and let’s have a discussion.

Do you recommend supplementation?

No, we rely on the proper nutrition to account for your daily nutritional needs. Also, we are a herbal based company and all our products are organic and from a reputable source.

Do you support the use of steroids?

No, we are all about encouraging a healthy lifestyle and want a high quality of life for all our clients.

Is this program tested and proven?

Yes, check out the testimonial page. These are a few of our brave clients most of our clients prefer to leave their personal life private.

Is this a crash diet?

No it is not a crash diet or get slim quick program. However, it’s flexible dieting where you eat what YOU like but within ‘CONTROL’ dependent upon your goal (fat loss or hypertrophy).


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