Passion8te Lifestyle Limited (PLL) encompasses all aspects of health, nutrition and physical training, with the aim of providing holistic health care solutions for individuals that goes beyond ad hoc weight loss and training routines. The company currently functions primarily through a virtual network/system that facilitates one-on-one interaction with clients without having to be in their presence physically. The business principally functions within Trinidad and Tobago, however, due to the business structure previously described, clients based internationally benefit from an equally robust personalized health programme.

Sion Lazare, Owner

The Owner and Managing Director, Sion Lazare birthed this company after he recognized that humanity in itself has drastically strayed away from what is natural and healthy for their wellbeing. Considering the stance of The World Health Organization (2018) “Too many people are still dying of preventable diseases...”, Mr. Lazare has systematically designed a system to “wean” current and potential customers away from an unhealthy lifestyle and onto a better way of living. The system fundamentally focuses on nutritional management, fat reduction and muscle building, which success can be substantiated through Mr. Lazare’s personal experience while preparing for several body building competitions. Consequently, the most appealing aspect of the system is the ‘after-success’ component, whereby the client is able to transition to a maintenance system, giving them the most appropriate tools necessary to maintain the physique and lifestyle that is achieved, after their goal is attained, supporting Mr. Lazare's beliefs of ‘Be the best possible you!’ 


The mission of Passion8te Lifestyle LTD is to offer the highest standard of fitness and nutritional advice and coaching while improving world health. We will effectively communicate with and impact our clients with the necessary information that will bring awareness to both the client and the people they interact with daily. 


This company will encompass all aspects of health, nutrition and physical training. It will be functioning out of a fully functional gym. The gym will be designed to accommodate our target clientele and it will be out fitted with a herbal supplement store and protein bar. Clients will enjoy the luxury of structured training and nutritional programming while working out in the comfort of the gym facility. We also will prepare clients for meaningful occasions in their lives eg, carnival, wedding etc.


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