This system was designed for the professional who does not have time to waste during any given day. Gone are the days where people have time to sit and wait on a trainer to give them a routine or wait while he/she trains other clients. We at Passion8te Lifestyle ask all the necessary questions about you and your daily routines to enable us to make your health and fitness goal a reality. This service will make your fat loss/muscle building journey an enjoyable experience.

A proposal will be sent to you which you will review and clearly identify your goals and limitations. A program will then be built for you to achieve your goal while considering all your limitations and considerations identified in the proposal. Your goal will determine the mode of the program e.g. muscle building, fat reduction etc.



Your timeline is dependent on your goal, reasonable rate of achievement and available time for application of program directives. Once we identify a target date your program will be built to get you there in a timely fashion.


Once your goal is achieved both training and nutrition values will be adjusted to maintenance mode where you can safely maintain your new look on your own with your acquired skillset developed by Passion8te Lifestyle.

Our system utilizes both weight training and nutritional management to get you to your desire goal. We provide nutritional coaching to not only reduce your fat percentage but to also get you more aware of your food selection and choices. What has made our program a success is it weans you off of the unhealthy eating slowly versus sudden or extreme prescribed diets. Most of us over eat or have unbalanced nutritional intakes which eventually leads to increased fat percentages or even obesity. Our program will get you fitter and healthier and help keep you there once you apply it well.

With over 10 years experience in the body building industry we have observed the short comings of most training system and coaches and have redesigned a system with you the client in mind. Most training programs are unrealistic and impractical and they do not consider the family man, working class or businessman who all have hectic schedules and limited time. Our program incorporates various weight training methodologies all geared towards the goal of the client. We consider your preferences and most importantly your issues (injuries or inabilities) and build your program to enable you to work with and around them.

We must evaluate whether you are improving or not while using our system. As a result, we measure on a weekly basis and compare your measurement to your datum measurements. Depending on what is observed we adjust the program variables to ensure change in that area of your development.


We encourage feedback and video clips from our clients to ensure they are doing well and the program is working for them.


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